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  1. Hello
    I have 2 urns waiting on my third I use mine weekly sometimes daily. I am giving one as a new gift. I am passing on the brown one to a friend I prayed for her daughter the prayer worked so passing it on. Even if you don’t pray they are pretty and will brighten up any room or yard. They do make great gifts

  2. I have a prayer urn and a piece I had custom made.
    I love them both.
    Looking forward to another piece, soon.
    I also worked a beside Jama at a festival. First class art work, & professionalism!

  3. I have three prayer urns from Jama, and also purchased 24 of the Prayer Pals to give away as gifts. My first prayer urn was one that Jama created specifically for me. She took my ideas and vision and then intuitively added elements after asking my approval. This prayer urn is unique, created specifically for me, and I use it in my work as a Light Worker. The second prayer urn I purchased was one that popped up on her site that she “just happened” to create using clay from four different places around the country. What initially caught my eye was the grapevine design on the urn. This urn is now used for community prayer with the Wild Vine Ministry. The third prayer urn I purchased was a red one that I use for prayers for the world. My friends have loved their Prayer Pals. I appreciate Jama’s visionary talent and her dedication to using her gifts and talents to providing a visual reminder to let go and let God work things out on our behalf. I highly recommend these prayer urns as a way to increase faith and allow God (in whatever form that takes for you) work on your behalf. I find it especially helpful to understand that when the prayer is burned, I have truly released it to Heaven.

  4. Donna, thank you so much for your continued support. It’s always my blessing to create what ever someone invisions that will help them grow spiritually and to help others. You have allowed me artistic license and devine intervention when creating a piece for you. It is so special to work for you.

  5. I received my prayer urns today…I won two of them from her drawing & I ordered one….unfortunately the bigger one from the drawing was broke…I messaged her and told her not to worry about it….I was very pleased with the two I had….being the person she is she is replacing the one that got broken….the prayer urns are beautiful and adorable….they look great on her site but even better in person…I have the smaller one’s with their happy smiles….they will make you smile…it’s like they have their own personalities….you will want to name them ;)….I love them…If you are looking for a beautiful unique gift do not hesitate to buy from her…..You will not be disappointed…..Awesome Art by an Awesome lady!!! ♡

    1. Thank you Regina for all your support. I was so happy and thrilled to send you the Prayer Urns that you won! You certainly can’t use a Broken Prayer Urn. It was my pleasure to replace it! Blessing’s to you! Jama

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