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How to use your Prayer Urn

Write down your prayer…

fold it up and put it inside your Prayer Urn.  After you have prayed or meditated and you are ready to release your prayer, burden, blessing or healing request place a match inside and burn out your slip of prayer as an offering symbolic of allowing the spirit to take care of it.

Brand new coming this year 3 new collections for you to choose from!

Have you been looking for something truly unique to give this holiday season?  You just found the most unique gift of the year.

Buy a Prayer Urn for that one person who has everything because…They don’t have this.

Prayer Urns are wonderful for every occasion!  Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, House Warmings, and even deepest times of sympathy.  The best reason of all is “just because”.  I have been making them since 2007.  I have a patent pending on them and you can only purchase them from me.  They are multicultural non-denominational expressions of faith.

I have created custom pieces for Churches, prayer groups, individuals, and spiritual practitioners.  I hope to create one for you!  Please have a look at what I have available and if you have something special in mind let’s talk about it.  Contact me for a quote