We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Prayer Urns knows they are getting a one of a kind item that no one else has.  They have been created with you in mind.  They are made to withstand casual or daily use; worthy of the spiritual beginners and prayer warriors alike. 

 They will be the most unique and appreciated gift you can give for nearly any occasion.  Many people purchase to give as housewarming gifts, Weddings, baptisms, Birthdays, times of deep sympathy, and the very best reason of all- just because.

Before I created the Prayer Urn and Art by Jama I was a wife, a part time fine arts student raising 4 teenagers, working a full time job and was an assistant pastor.

Then one night sitting on the side of my bed I was praying.  I asked God to send an angel with inspiration to help me create something to help promote faith and hope.  That very night I had a very intense dream.  In the dream I was making clay vessels.  Many things happened in that dream.  When I woke I felt like I knew the real purpose of my life!  I grabbed the sketch pad by my bed and started making sketches of the vessel that I was making in my dream.

The Prayer Urn replaces the old fashioned wooden prayer boxes that many churches use to place written anonymous prayer requests in.

Every church I had ever gone to had one.  Wooden prayer boxes eventually have to be emptied when they get full.  When that happens someone has to empty it.  The prayer requests are no longer private. A Prayer Urn doesn’t have a lid.  Once you place your prayer inside you can’t take it back out.  This is symbolic of giving it to the spirit and not taking it back on. After you have prayed and/or meditated over your written request, burden, or blessing and you are ready to release it you simply light a match or a candle lighter, place it in the bottom of your Prayer Urn and you burn them out.  The smoke is a visual confirmation that you are going to allow the spirit to work on your behalf.  I have heard from so many people how it has comforted them, and helped to release regret, and worry.  Many people have said that it helps just to visually see their prayer be carried off and up into the air.  I love hearing the testimonies from my friends that use theirs. It blesses me so much.

I was concerned because I was just learning to use a kick wheel when I had the dream and I wasn’t sure if I could successfully create what I felt so strongly compelled to do.

But then as I began talking to people about the idea everyone loved the concept and I became more determined to create Prayer Urns to promote prayer, hope, and good faith practices.  I decided I had to create the vision I still had in my mind from the dream. As it turned out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Little did I know my life as I knew it then was about to turn upside down.  I ended up divorced, I lost my house, my children and I were homeless except for the kindness of family and friends.  I managed to save my studio equipment with the help from friends.  I was desperate to keep it.  I still believed I would see the dream come alive in my hands again.

It took a year and a half before I had my own apartment again with all my kids by my side.  I moved all the pottery equipment to my bedroom!  I completed my degree and threw pottery on an 80-year-old kick wheel that I had set up in my closet!

In the spring of 2013 I created for my senior art project as series of pieces called “Prayer Urns, The 7 Hopes, Series #1” I won the prize for best show and sold 3 of the pieces before the show ever opened.  The response was outstanding.  In August of the same year the remaining 3 pieces were accepted at Xavier University’s annual show which was entitled “Multicultural Expressions of Faith.  I was so honored to have had 3 pieces accepted.  I didn’t win any awards that night but all three pieces were purchased!  This was the confirmation I needed to keep going.

Through it all, I have continued to make sure each one is a lovely and uniquely individual piece of art. The responses from everyone reassures me that I am doing what I feel I have been called to do.  I thank you all for the pure loving responses you keep sending me about your answered prayers.

My cup runneth over,